Tuesday."At least 100,00▓0 children today will not experience the joy, safety and▓ stimulation that being in a classroom brings," said▓ Jean Metenier, the UNICEF deputy representa▓tive in Haiti. "We need to get them back to learn▓ing as soon as possible.""Hurricane Matthew took away their schools, homes and textbooks. It shouldn't take away their sense of hope," Metenier said in a press release issued here.According to initial national estimates, at▓ least 300 public schools have been p▓artially or entirely damaged in the Caribbean country and many others are being used to shelter displaced families. Schools in Sud a▓nd Grande Anse departments will remain closed for at least another week.UNICEF is working with partners to he▓lp set up temporary learning spaces and deliver school supplies. Priorities include the efforts to rehabilitate damaged schools, provide students and teac▓hers with adequate school supplies, schools▓ furniture and teaching materials; and provid▓e children with psychosocial support.In Haiti, around 20,000 houses were destroyed, more than 15,600 people were evacuated and the death toll could reach over▓ on

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